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A building project is exciting

(and daunting)

Maybe you want to build, or you need to build or you want to stay in your current house/unit but it needs updating or changing to suit your family and life situation.

And you (or both of you) have full-on jobs, or one of you is busy with young children, or the site is out of town or you work over-seas, or you just have no experience with building (except watching ‘The Block’ of course)…. then you have come to the right place.

You can do as much or as little as you want.

Steele St Mid-construction. (The family had to move out obviously)

The Dilemma…

There’s the fun stuff…and the less glamorous bits…

(and unfortunately the less glamorous bits are more time consuming)

Do you give up your job and try and manage the project yourself? Or do you try and just add it to your day and hope it will be okay? Or do you employ someone to do it for you?

The last bit sounds good, but expensive… the big project management companies do commercial work at hourly rates that are prohibitive, and you really want to be spending that money on the glamorous parts of the project – tiles and taps and technology.

What are the options?

Planning Stage


In the very early stages you need to decide:

What’s your budget (and what you can achieve with it)

Do you need a Resource or a Building Consent?

How long will it take?

Design Stage

Drawings | Specifications

Do you need to engage an Architect/Designer and to what extent? How much do they cost and what about all the paperwork that comes with their contract? Do you also need an engineer? The answer depends upon your project and we can point you in the right direction.

Pricing Stage

Getting Quotes

(and Building Consent if you need it)

Finding the right builder can be a challenge in this market. When you do find someone it is usually through referral and different builders have different preferences on how they work and what they manage. It is hard to compare prices if they are managing the job differently. Some experienced assistance and introductions at this stage can be really helpful.

Contract Stage

Before you sign…

Naturally the focus is on the price but before your sign a contract, you need to have checked out your builder, understand both parties responsibilities, have your finance in place, and made sure that the drawing and documents that were priced are the most up-to-date ones.

Construction Stage

Preparing for Demolition or Digging

Are you shifting out or staying? Have you set up your insurance and advised your neighbours? Do you have your consents approved? Do you have your team in place? This is an intensive time and some assistance here can get you off to a flying start.

Post-Contract Stage


It is really exciting when the builder finishes (or almost finishes which is more common) and you can move in, but you are not quite done. You will need guarantees/warranties and a Code of Compliance Certificate if you have a building consent. Then there is the Defects, the little things that are not quite right. Plus obviously the final account, paying the last bills and adding it all up.


What People are Saying

“A god-send”

Managing the project ourselves wasn’t an option for us, the project is our holiday house and it’s out of town and we just couldn’t find the time or be interrupted during the day to answer questions and keep the builders moving.


“I felt out of my depth”

“I was managing the project myself but had started to feel that I was losing control of it. Additional costs were coming in for things I didn’t know about and  the progress was slow and I could see mistakes happening. Mid- project I needed assistance and Christine came in a gave it the boost it needed”

Mary – Waiheke

“I didn’t know where to start”

“I was looking to convert two small apartments into one but was getting feedback and wondered if it was too hard. Christine stepped in and get it through the approval process and found us a lovely builder. ”

Jacqui – Parnell

“Almost Painless”

“Well I have to say good things because Nicki is my wife, but she has done three huge makeovers of family homes for us and when I look at the financials on completion it has been financially rewarding. I just go off  to work as usual.”

John – Remuera

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