How much does it cost?

This is always question number one. Generally a project takes approx 12 hours a week averaged over the entire project - some stages are more intensive than others.  We can offer project support at approx 1/3-1/2 the price of an average office based project manager but with the added advantage that you can add a few hours of the more expensive technical/professional or contractual support when and if you need it. This is how we offer a cost effective solution.


Are you a builder?

No, we are not affiliated with any contractors or suppliers that we deal with and do not take any financial incentives from anyone other than the fees you pay us. We do have some preferred people who we know give us good prices, products or services, but this is your project and we will not pressure you into any brand or person that is not your choice - obviously the products and workmanship specified have to be certified and fit for purpose in NZ.

Do I have to contract you for the entire project?

No, we set up a small contract between ourselves and you can end or alter it at any time with  a month's notice.