Examples of completed Home Projects

Ngapuhi (before) Exterior from Garden

The ¬†family home was a little ‘tired’

Ngapuhi (before) View from Driveway

Not only was it not beautiful, the balustrade was about to fall off!

Ngapuhi (before) Front deck

There was a lot more green paint here and it couldn’t be used until the balustrade was strengthened

Ngapuhi (before) Courtyard

The green plastic roofing gave the lounge an eerie dank feeling

Ngapuhi (before) Bedroom

Original decor too

Ngapuhi (before) Plans

The downstairs plan was totally unpractical and had been used as an office

Ngapuhi (after) Exterior

No green paint remains

Ngapuhi (after) Kitchen

All traces of the 70’s wallpaper and curtains are now gone

Ngapuhi (after) Family lounge

Much lighter and brighter with light from three sides and two outdoor rooms off the main living areas

Ngapuhi (after) Dining

Looking out onto the new lighter brighter, rear courtyard

Ngapuhi (after) Entrance Hall

Completely re-oriented to suit the new downstairs layout

Project: Family home Residential renovation

Ngapuhi Rd make-over

This house had seen better days. The downstairs had been used as an office, the kitchen was ‘original’ 1970’s, the wallpaper was retro but not in a good way, and there was a green plastic awning off the living area that emitted an eerie dank light. The kids were very unimpressed – ‘it’s dusty’ said the youngest. Friends and family raised their eyebrows, ‘how much did you pay’ they enquired?

The green plastic come off on weekend one, and already it was improved but the balance of the work took a little longer. Plans needed to be drawn, consents obtained and a decent builder found and a contract signed. The family needed to find alternative accommodation and move out, a storage container delivered to the site for furniture and belongings and everything packed up. 18months later the family are basking in an almost unrecognisable home. Friends are now impressed. Thanks to Nicki and her team the project has been bearable, but financially and environmentally the results are outstanding. Nicki can help you to do this too.

Steele (before) Exterior from Street

There are suburbs full of houses like this.

Steele (before) View from Rear

Stained brown timber and low tiled roof.

Steele (before) Street appeal

The street appeal was low. Also the pedestrian entrance was on one side of the site and the vehicle entrance on the other, meaning there was no private outdoor spaces.

Steele (before) Bedroom decor

The interior also was challenged.

Steele (after) Exterior at night

No brown timber cladding to be seen

Steele (after) Plans

The downstairs plan was totally altered to merge the two entrances and create a separate family playroom

Steele (after) Exterior

Outdoor living was connected to the kitchen dining areas

Steele (after) Family and Entertaining areas

The front was opened up with full height opening doors to create a modern living space.

Steele (after) Family lounge

Living area for summer and winter.

Steele (after) Rear yard exterior

Brown tiles and cladding have gone.

Steele (after) Master Bedroom

This area was a first floor extension over the previous single level lounge complete with full with terrace.

Project: Family home Residential renovation

Steele St make-over

This house also had seen better days. In fact an institution had used it as a half-way house. The downstairs plan was wasteful with many areas given over the circulation and hallways, and the upper level had very low ceilings and old fashioned bronze aluminium joinery.

The architect came up the idea of moving the front door and then the balance of the plan fell into place. This also enabled a separate family room and TV for the children when they were young with its own toy room to keep the inevitable kids stuff away form the main living areas. The young family needed to find alternative accommodation and move out during the build, but 8 months later the family came back to an almost unrecognisable home. The exterior was completely re-clad in weatherboard tying in the ground and first floors into a more modern design and the upper floor was extended to create a large master bedroom, ensuite, walk in wardrobe and terrace leaving the original upper floor for three more children’s bedrooms and a family bathroom. The exterior grounds and landscaping were then completed over the next year or two.