We offer two levels of Service: Project Management Support and Technical Advice depending upon your needs and stage. To manage your costs we do most of the work using the Project Management support personnel and keep the Technical or Contractual advice for the more problematic issues.

Planning Stage

  • Designer Advice
  • Engaging Consultants
  • Understand budget
  • Cost Estimate referrals
  • Establish aesthetic and functional goals
  • Scope Document/

Design Stage

  • Designer Advice
  • Engaging Consultants
  • Assistance with Scope Options
  • Contact possible builders

Shopping Stage!

  • Selection of Products
  • Selection of materials

This is the bit you’ve been waiting for; where you get to choose your fittings: taps, door handles and carpet…..

Pricing Stage

  • Review Prices and Exclusions
  • Review contract conditions
  • Alter scope (if required)
  • Provide info on Owner’s responsibilities incl Health and Safety, Insurance, payments
  • Assist owner with decisions on builder/trades

Contract Stage

  • Review contract conditions/seek advice in need
  • Sign contract (s)
  • Arrange Insurance ( for renovations)
  • Organise Furniture removal/storage

Construction Stage

  • Site establishment, surveying, access, services etc
  • Liaise with builder and respond to questions
  • Weekly progress updates
  • Budget management and reporting
  • monthly Invoice management
  • Coordinate meetings
  • Assist with variations/decisions and costs
  • Quality overview

Post Contract Stage

  • Create defects list
  • Manage completion of defects
  • Assist with final account
  • Obtain paperwork for CCC
  • Obtain warranties/guarantees
  • Follow-up with council until CCC issued

Party Stage

  • Pick a Date
  • Send out invitations
  • Buy wine
  • Celebrate

The Disclaimer: Home Project (2018) Limited are not Builders, Quantity Surveyor or Lawyers and in some cases  our Project Managers will need to refer you to a specialist. Our Project Managers cannot offer advice on contractual, legal or compliance matters however Technical Advisor can offer opinions on Consents, Contract types/Conditions, adequacy of drawings and negotiation with contractors, council officers or other interested parties. In no case do Home Project (2018) Limited take on the responsibility for the work of other Service Providers engaged by the Client. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.